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Race Results


Girls Ages 4-6

First Place: Rylee Mcgovern

Second Place: Kensley Sanchez

Third Place: Heidi Terry

Boys Ages 4-6

First Place: Collins Crawford

Second Place: Luke Baker

Third Place: Emrich Nelson

Girls Ages 7-9

First Place: Miroslava Logvinova

Second Place: Sonya Inhatsenka

Third Place: Vanessa Terry

Boys Ages 7-9

First Place: Landon Zomermaand

Second Place: Dillon Robinson

Third Place: Finn Viertel

Girls Ages 10-12

First Place: Emily Knopfle

Second Place: Avalyn Thompson

Third Place: Eloise Liesenfeld

Boys Ages 10-12

First Place: Phoenix Marsiglio

Second Place: Lawson Glantz

Third Place: Jack Muller

Girls Ages 13-15

First Place: Maya Richards

Second Place: Amelia Collins

Third Place: Ella Sherrard

Fourth Place: Sophia Pirri

A technical error was corrected and the first place winner was Maya Richards, which was not presented at the event. Shown are the top four.

Boys Ages 13-15

First Place: Tyler Griffin

Second Place: Conner Kline

Third Place: Wilson Dahl

Boys Ages 16-18

First Place: David Dilmore

Second Place: Caden Day

Third Place: Miller Dahl

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